Rocks Are Melting

I found a document on the internet entitled Rocks are Melting. It was available for free on the editor website. It contains teachings attributed to Guru Dev. I can’t verify the authenticity but I find the content profound and enlightening. I like it so much that I recreated the document entirely in order to remove the handwritten notes and to make it readable on various platforms.

The original version seems unfinished. I maintained most of the original formatting in spite of some inconsistencies. I added a table of contents. I put the annotations at the end of the document.

The text in the new versions is searchable and copyable. Sanskrit letters should display correctly in most devices/applications.

Annotation numbers and Table of Contents titles are live links in the HTML and ePub versions. You should be able to return to the original page after clicking a link by using the back buttons of your devices/applications.

  • PDF files can be opened with Adobe Reader, Preview, some web browsers such as Safari, Chrome.
  • HTML files can be opened with web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome.
  • ePub files can be opened with e-book reader devices/applications such as iBooks.

All versions can be downloaded with the following links:

Original Version

PDF –  26 MB

New Versions

PDF – 855 KB

HTML – 390 KB

ePub – 145 KB